Your pets always safe

With Pet Insurance, your pet will have the best veterinary care coverage in case of accident or illness. In the event of death, it includes the service of collection and transfer of the animal and the costs of cremation and urn. You will be looked after in the event of loss or theft.

In addition, you will have a comprehensive legal defence service and a veterinary guidance telephone service.


What does it offer?

It is a veterinary insurance that offers the greatest flexibility to take out basic or extended cover to suit your needs. It includes guarantees for both medical expenses due to accidental causes and illness through reimbursement and also through veterinary insurance.

Advantages of Pet Insurance

Veterinary Clinics and Approved Residences

The best accommodation network for your pet
at concerted prices and an extensive
of veterinary clinics with interesting

Reimbursement of Expenses Due to Accident or Illness

We will reimburse you for any expenses incurred in the event of accident or illness at the veterinary centre of your choice.

Reimbursement for Loss or Theft

It includes the expenses necessary to locate your pet (posters or advertisements in the press and radio) or we will compensate you in the event of the theft of your pet.

Legal Defense

It includes a civil liability guarantee, in case your pet causes an accident, damage or injury to people, and also covers the defence and claim for injuries that your pet may suffer due to the fault of another animal or vehicle.


What are its main coverages?

  • Veterinary assistance.
  • Compensation for death, slaughter costs and disposal of remains.
  • Stay in an animal residence due to the insured person’s mishap.
  • Loss.
  • Theft.
  • Civil responsibility.
  • Defence and claims.
  • Travel assistance.



It’s a veterinary insurance that offers the greatest flexibility to take out basic or extended cover to suit your needs. It includes guarantees both with medical expenses due to accidental causes.

Frequently Asked Questions


To access the veterinary and residency list, please go to
This guarantee offers you the best protection for the main incidents that may happen to your pet. It covers veterinary expenses as a result of any accidental cause, expenses for stay in a canine or feline residence due to hospitalisation of the owner and transport expenses due to specialised treatment, among others.
Optionally, travel cover can be taken out which includes expenses arising from the total or partial cancellation of the holiday as a result of illness or the theft or loss of your pet.
In the event of personal or material damage caused by our pet, the liability cover protects us against any third party claims.


If you would like more information about our Pet Insurance, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How many pets do you want to insure?

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