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At our company, we understand the importance of feeling safe on every journey. We offer a wide range of car insurance plans designed to suit your needs and give you the peace of mind you deserve. From basic cover to comprehensive plans that include roadside assistance, our aim is to protect you and your vehicle in every eventuality. With us, your safety and that of your car are in the best hands. Discover our options and find the perfect insurance for your lifestyle.

Choose between all our types of car insurances

We offer you the widest range of cover for your car insurance. From compulsory to the most comprehensive, so you can choose the level of protection you want. Travel with the peace of mind of being covered for any unforeseen event.

Basic third party automobile

The compulsory covers your car needs.

  • Tailor-made price.
  • Assistance from km 0.

Complete third party automobile

Greater protection, greater peace of mind.

  • Extended security.
  • Assistance from km 0.

Automotive all risk with excess

Adjusted premium without waiving any coverage.

  • Own damage.
  • Extended assistance.

Automotive all risk without excess

We cover everything, everything and everything.

  • 360º protection for your vehicle.
  • Replacement vehicle included.

What makes our car insurance different?

Travel assistance from Km 0

Whatever happens, we’ll be with you from the moment you take out your policy.

Personalised attention

We accompany you from the first day, solving your doubts and resolving any incident on an individual basis.

The best professionals

If you take out your car insurance with us, you will always have a great repair service at your disposal with our network of AutoPresto garages.

What are your main coverages?

Broken glass

We guarantee the repair, replacement and installation costs of your vehicle’s windows if they are damaged.

Fire, theft and total loss

We will cover damage due to fire or explosion and the cost of repairing any damage that may have been caused in the event of theft of the vehicle. In addition, if, due to impact, overturning or falling of the vehicle or due to malicious acts or meteorological phenomena, your vehicle suffers damage whose repair costs exceed its value, this optional cover guarantees you compensation for the full value.

Own damage (with or without excess)

We guarantee the repair of damage to your vehicle by deducting the amount of the excess if you have contracted it.

Luggage and personal belongings

We guarantee a financial amount per person for damage to luggage, clothing, footwear, toiletries and cosmetics. We also cover damage to child restraint equipment.

Excess of optional equipment

We guarantee an economical amount of undeclared optional equipment.

Damage caused by animals

We will pay the cost of repairing your vehicle if you run over a game or domestic animal.

Damage caused by atmospheric phenomena

We guarantee damage caused to your vehicle by atmospheric phenomena (rain, hail, lightning, etc.).

Frequently asked questions

Car insurance

This is not possible. Foreign-registered cars must be insured in their country of origin.

Yes, all cars must have at least a minimum of liability insurance cover, even if it is a collector’s car that is going to be parked in your garage.

Date of driving licence

Your years of driving experience are a key factor in determining your insurance premium.

Value of your vehicle

Your insurance premium will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

Age of the person driving

The age of the driver

también tendrán peso a la hora de concretar el precio.

The choice of your car insurance will depend mainly on your needs and those of your car.

  • The age of your vehicle is important: if it is new, given its recent purchase value, comprehensive car insurance is recommended for full protection.
  • The use and number of kilometres per year will also have an influence: The use you make of your car is also a factor in choosing the type of insurance: the needs and chances of suffering a mishap vary if the vehicle is used more or less frequently.

With your car insurance you will have a series of exclusive services to repair your car in the event of an accident, our network of AutoPresto workshops, where you will have interesting advantages such as:

  • Courtesy vehicle.
  • 60 € discount on each excess.
  • Immediate appraisal of your vehicle and preferential service.
  • Maintenance of the bonus level of your policy.
  • Vehicle collection and delivery service to your home.
  • Interior/exterior cleaning service and check of the general condition of your vehicle.
  • Warranty of up to 3 years on all repairs.

Contact with us

If you would like more information about our Car Insurance, please do not hesitate to send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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